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Mighty Megan

Donation to help with the medical expenses of this 4-year-old with Brain Cancer for the 2nd time.  Benefactors Brian and Becky Records.

Camp Errol

Donation to sustain an elite Basketball environment and prepare athletes for the next stages of life.  Benefactors Michael and Maureen McCann.

Fierce for Shannon

Sponsorship for a 5k race honoring Shannon Heil who was only 18 years old and was killed in an automobile accident.  Scholarships and grants have been set up by Brian Heil, Shannon's father.  Benefactors Curt and Marianne Caserta.

Amoruso Scholarships

Donation to a deserving participant of the Gladding Dance Studio.  Benefactors Holly and Lou Amoruso.

Child Evangelism Fellowship

Donation to the "Good News Clubs" for after school programs that impact communities and children through Christ.

Free Sunscreen

All patrons of the Narragansett Town will receive free sunscreen all Summer.  Raw Elements and Capital Wealth Foundation partnership.

Kitty Harbor

Donation to a "no-kill" shelter for animals that are found and then adopted.

Embrace Hope

Giving a donation to a cause that helps the poorest of the poor world-wide.  Curt and Marianne Caserta.

Paul Matos Memorial Golf Tournament

Proceeds to be donated to the Paul Matos Foundation.  Benefactors Lee Duckworth and Peter Alofsin.

2017 Boy Scouts of America Distinguished Citizens Award Luncheon

Benefactor Lee Duckworth.

Times Like These

Donation made to support a documentary film produced to emphasize male breast cancer.

Stewie III Water Safety Foundation

Compo Beach Lifeguards, Westport CT and Capital Wealth Foundation make a donation to provide free swimming lessons to any child who needs water safety.

MS Ride

Benefactor Paul Moran